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Property For Sale in Qatar

Are you waiting for your dream homes in the city? We have an exciting news for you! A brand new villa is now available at the newly developed Al Kheesa gate area, situated in Lusail City 2. This area is set to become the prime property for sale within Doha as Lusail City is preparing to welcome the world cup in the year 2022.


We have houses, villas, and apartments for sale in Qatar that are close to the Qatar University and The Qatar University school of graduate studies, located (easy access) at Al Khor freeway. There is a golden opportunity for those who are trying to start their business as we have our commercial property for sale which is located at Lusail Marina, a place which is well situated for easy access to Lusail Marina, The Pearl, Northgate mall and the new and exciting Festival City located next to Ikea. You can get in contact with our agent online to know more spaces at cheap price for sale.


Have a glance at the attributes of the commercial property and homes for sale in Doha.

  • Located nearby and commutable to Lusail Marina, The Pearl, Northgate Mall and the new Festival City next to Ikea
  • The Kheesa Villas has built-in 6 master bedrooms with a spacious kitchen.
  • With large front yard and backyard and an allocated covered parking space and swimming pool.


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