Properties For Rent

Properties for Rent

Utc Qatar primary business is Leasing and Selling, Acquisition and Development , Escrow and Consultancy for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.


Dream of living in a comfortable yet affordable home? Properties provided by UTC qatar are located in fabulous spaces which offer beautiful views. A right choice of residence for individual looking for comfortable lifestyle with the convenience of having useful amenities. Utc Qatar was set up with a view to offer an unrivaled service level in the Qatar market. We believe that the Real Estate market now in Qatar is thriving and growing towards a mature and established market that is going to attract a lot of  interest. We have specialists that work in each part of the business and are experts in real estate. We see a lot of new arrivals to Doha so we have a specialist team that facilitate the move any new arrival into one that is stress free and allows the client to enjoy the relocation without any stress Our leasing agents offer what we call a “Whole of Market” search which means we give our clients the ability to see every available property that matches their requirements.


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