Pros & Cons of Buying vs Renting Properties

Buying vs renting properties is a never-ending debate. The housing decision plays a major role in our lives. It not only affects the savings at the end of the month but also a lifestyle you choose. People prefer buying a home when financially they are in an ideal situation. A good place is required to settle down and being a house owner. It will help to grow an investment and a source of tax deductions.

On the other side, people choose the rented place all the time for the adaptability and fewer responsibilities.  Despite the fact that they’d hoard bigger total assets, in terms of their owned place.

In the limelight, housing affordability is a big issue. You can say neither owning a house is better than renting, nor renting is easier than owning. Collated below are the pros and cons of buying vs renting properties, which will help you to figure out the best.


Advantages of Renting a home:

  • Renting is an ideal option for those who are suddenly relocating for their jobs.  It doesn’t require any long-term commitment from a tenant. Renting allows more flexibility and is the best choice for those who don’t prefer staying at one place for a long time.
  • Moving out is less demanding for a Tenant than a House Owner.  There is no worry of discovering somebody to assume control over the rent. No worry of finding a Buyer to buy the property as this is the duty of the House owner or Landlord.  
  • The main insurance required by a Tenant will be to cover the substance of the home, while all the formalities on the property are taken care by the Homeowner, as it is the holder’s insurance.
  • After paying rent, a Tenant may have extra cash which they can use to contribute somewhere else, regardless of whether it is sparing towards purchasing a house or putting resources into the share trading system, and need not stress over putting an extra fund in the home loan.


Disadvantages of Renting a home:

  • Since there is the lease agreement, the tenant has to bound to the rules and is not allowed to use or renovate the property. You can’t make any changes in the rented house without the agreement of the house owner.
  • Renting doesn’t create any return on investment (ROI), as the property does not belong to the tenant, in contradiction the tenant is crediting to the house owner’s home loan account.
  • When leasing a property, you will have no influence over yearly rental variations.
  • There is no assurance that a rent will be renewed once expired.


Advantages of Buying a home:

  • Buying a home offers the life-long advantages of security, value and potential development in an individual’s wealth.
  • The worth of a home will increase in value after some time. If you made a mind to sell that property, you can get a benefit from the sale.
  • Buying a home creates your legal property. It provides a freedom to use it without the restrictions of the landlord.
  • Being a house owner, you can make interior changes to the property. You can change the decor and renovate to match your style and requirements.
  • You can give that property for high-rated rent (of course depending on the locality), this can be put forth towards the home loan amount.
  • Being a house owner, if you make your repayments on time, that will help you increase your credit score.
  • There is a chance to spare cash in the long term investment as there is a possible tax deduction for salary-creating properties.


Disadvantages of Buying a property:

  • Buying a property includes big financial responsibility including payment of regular house maintenance and bond repayments.
  • Buying a property includes payment of the additional costs like paying taxes, insurance, and property maintenance.
  • A Homeowner risks not making any benefit through resale. This is regularly caused by economic factors like high interest rates, or basically a less desired.
  • A Homeowner has less versatility with regards to having the capacity to move home than a Tenant who leases on a fleeting premise. A Tenant can leave a property in the wake of satisfying the notice time frame, which is normally one month. Additionally, if the property owner wants to invest in new property, then he/she has to wait for the property being purchased. Therefore, it may take more time to relocate the home once the decision has made.


Bottom Line

Whether you buy a property or rent, it is not only about money but also a comfort and your vision for life. Reaching a conclusion for Buying vs Renting is not an easy street. The factors like financial resources, lifestyle, investment, family desires, and wish to bear risks matter while buying or renting a property.


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