How to Boost Resale Value of Your Property

Selling our property is never a small decision for any of us. It has a huge impact on us financially and sometimes emotionally too. Property resale can be a lengthy and complex process and it is also important that the process goes swiftly. But, what is most important while selling your property is the fact that you receive the best price of your property. Therefore we are here with 11 tips to tell you How to Boost Resale Value of Your Property so that when you are parting with your beloved home, you do it happily!


  1. Make your property look attractive

       Have you ever bought anything because it was ugly? No! Everyone wants to buy things which are beautiful and attractive. So Making your property attractive can increase the resale value of the property.  Most desirable things are also most expensive. So how to make your property more desirable? Here are some tips-

  • Paint it– Get rid of the dull, old colors and paint it with rich ones.
  • Clean it– Clean the floors, the walls, wash everything until they shine like brand new.
  • Polish it- Polish the cabinets and cupboards to make them shiny too.
  • Get some Greenery- Research shows that houses with plants are often sold at higher prices as compared to the ones which have no plants.
  1. Make your property look well-maintained

     A well-maintained property creates an assurance that it is strong and it will last longer. It makes the buyer believe that he will not have to occur many expenses on the maintenance of the property in the near future. You can increase the resale value of your property by creating this sense of assurance. So how to make your property look well maintained? Here are some tips-

  • Electric Connections- Make sure every socket is working. No switch is dead.
  • Electrical Equipment– Repair if there are any faulty equipment.
  • Leaky Taps– Do not let any tap leak.
  1. Get rid of the Broker

     Brokers take the commission for their services. These commissions create holes in your as well as the buyer’s pocket. If you remove the broker from the equation then there will be a significant amount of money which you can save.

4. Go Online

      You can find many websites where you can list your property. These websites can be accessed from any part of the world and therefore your property gets a wider exposure. This increases the chances for your property to reach multiple buyers. Things which have more buyers get sold at better prices.

  1. Create Space

     If a lot of space will be visible inside your property then it will look bigger. And in the case of property, bigger is considered as better. Therefore get rid of any unnecessary and unwanted constructions inside your property which make it look smaller.

6. Make way for Sunlight

Sunlight brings freshness in closed spaces. It also helps in preventing dampness on the walls. If there will be natural light inside, then the place will look lively. It even helps in the growth of indoor plants. Therefore make way for natural light to bring a positive feel to your property

7. Pay attention to your front gate

    Your front gate gives the first impression to its visitors. Often the first impression is the last impression. Therefore try to keep your front gate beautiful, clean and surrounded by some plants.

  1. Pay attention to your kitchen   

     It is seen that kitchen is the place which almost everyone wants to modernize in his/her house. Therefore having a good kitchen can also increase the value of your property. Try to do some quick fixes which can help your kitchen look sleek.

9.Do not hurry

Do not take any decisions in hurry. Decisions made in hurry are often regretted. You do not receive many chances in the game of real estate and even a 1% effect on the selling price can have huge monetary implications. Therefore have patience if you want a good value for your property.

10. Decide the least price in the beginning

      It is the most important rule of negotiation. You always begin with the least price in your mind. In this way, you will avoid yourself from being impulsive and selling your property at a loss.

So, these were some tips to help you get a good value for your property. Keep them in mind to boost resale value of your property.


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