10 Things to Know Before Moving to Qatar

It is impossible that when you move to a new place you don’t find any difference. While you are moving to a new country then the differences can be uncountable. It is always helpful for you if you already know the quirks of your new destination. Therefore here we are to help you with Moving to Qatar with 10 things you must know before moving to Qatar.


Weather- If you belong to a country which is generally cold, then Qatar can be a very hot place for you. The temperature can go around 40oC in summer. Whereas if you belong to a country which is generally hot then the Qatar weather may not worry you. Therefore if you are renting or buying a property in Qatar then make sure it has proper air conditioning. It will be stupid to spend extra after a hefty expenditure on obtaining property to live.

Fuel- While buying or renting a property we consider the amount of money we will be spending on fuel for traveling from our home to workplace. In Qatar, however, you may need not to worry much about this issue. Due to the high reserve of oil in the country, the prices of fuels are very low. At the time of writing this article, the price of gasoline is 1.95 QAR which is equal to $0.54. If you have your own vehicle then it can be very economical for you to travel from your home to your workplace.

The difference in Rents- Before Moving to Qatar , You should also know about the rent in Qatar. Areas outside Doha are quite reasonable in terms of rent. So if you want to live in an economical apartment then consider living outside the city. In this way, you can save some money on rent.

Property Laws- You cannot own a property wherever you like in Qatar. The government has specified certain areas which are open to expats. So if you are moving to Qatar, then you must know that whether it is allowed to own a property in your desired area or not.

Work Timings- The work timings in Qatar are a little different than most places. A normal workday can start early in the morning at around 7:00 AM and it can end at around 3:00 PM. Sundays are working days and Fridays are off days in Qatar. So depending on whether you are an early bird or a nighthawk, you should choose to live accordingly.

Residence Permit- There is an advantage of buying a residential property in Qatar. If you own a property then you also get the residential permit. It is valid for five years. It also extends to your family.

Exit permits– Qatar follows Kafala system to monitor migrants. This system can create some problems for you when you are leaving the country even for a short interval. The system says that you need to have the permission of your employer whenever you are going out of the country. This permission is known as Exit Permit. Multiple Exit Permits allows you to freely go out of the country several times a year, whereas Single Exit permit allows you to go out only once. If you are holding a higher position in your company then you are more likely to have Multiple Exit Permit.

Work Permit- The Kafala system also requires the employers to sponsor their foreign employees. Therefore every paperwork and formality regarding your residency permit are to be done by your employer. Initially, your employer can arrange a temporary permit to you, later in 2-4 weeks, it can be converted into work residency permit.


So these were 10 things to know before relocating to Qatar. We hope this blog will help you to save a lot time and money while you move to Qatar.


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