About UTC Qatar

About us:

Umma Real Estate is a privately owned and operated real estate investment company. It is one of the leading property development and asset management firm. Al umma real estate  deals with selling and renting of properties in Qatar. You can get affordable properties in Doha. It has been established as a real estate company in Qatar since 1974.

The organization keeps up traditionalist venture.  Places a solid accentuation on the due ingenuity required for each project. We only invest in those projects that provide us with an opportunity to create value.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate field. So our senior management team is committed to flourish ecologically sustainable projects. They keep the environment and safety standards in mind. We are a relationship-based company that is proud to deliver unique and flexible solutions to our clients and investors.

Take a glance at our company’s profile to get company’s information and see how we spread our business. Our business is located at Al Muntazah Trading Center, Hitteen Street, 830 Street, Al Muntazah, Doha, Qatar near Al Mansoura Street, Doha, Qatar. We built around 178 fully furnished apartments, 2 owned suites and various commercial properties.  We have several offices & business centers.

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“Always Do More Than Is Required”­­

We  build long-term relationships with our clients and investors. We establish unconditional trust, exceptional service and attractive rates of return on our investments. Al umma real estate make every effort to become the most preferred real estate company in all the geographies. And to avail affordable properties in Doha to our clients

We oversee all the aspects of asset financing, acquisition, restructuring, improvement, and management. Our highly skilled team and their dedication to serve excellence, provide our customers an unrivaled level of services.

Our integrity is the foundation of our business so we strive to be professional, honest, authentic and confidential in all that we do.


“We aim to be the leading real estate firm in the industry”

We aim to be the first choice of our customers. That anticipates and exceeds their evolving expectations by placing our customer’s concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction. Because we are dedicated to the development of the long-term relationships.

Why Al umma Qatar

Looking for smart investment in Qatar? Get in touch with Umma real estate. We are passionate about creating places where people aspire to live and deliver enduring value. We specialize in property selling and renting, hospitality and facility management. Establishing the benchmark of success and forming new ties with the customers. Al Umma real estate is carving a steady niche for itself in the Qatar real estate business.

We are one of the leading and fastest growing property finders in Qatar. We build impact ties with our customers. So we are taking every step towards attaining customer satisfaction.   Our customers swear the unique hues of colours that are incorporated in the interior designs in our Qatar properties .

Also, you can have a glance at our various existing properties. We have commercial spaces for sale, rented houses, villas, apartments. We have an array of unique offers available at Umma Real estate. Our properties are reasonably cheap and very affordable. We provide you with all the amenities necessary for a sustainable way of life.

Find your dream space at Umma Real Estate because it is one of the esteemed real estate companies in Qatar. Our villas, apartments and rental spaces stand out of the innumerable properties for sale you will find online.

Do not miss out on the chance to make your living worthwhile.